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Starfruit – Carambola | má-fuang – มะเฟือง

The sweet, watery, slightly acid-tasting pulp that’s extremely refreshing 3-6 inches long, five distinct length-wise ridges give the cross-section a five-pointed star shape. the thin, waxy,greenish-yellow skin is edible.

The carambola has been grown in parts of Asia for hundreds of years it may have originated in Sri Lanka and Moluccas. Malaysia is the global leader in starfruit production by volume and ships the product all over Asia and Europe.

The growing season for starfruit in Thailand is from October through to December where they are widely available in markets across the country.


starfruit/carambola má-fuang         มะเฟือง

acid tasting                     rót-prîaw รสเปรี้ยว

pulp                                núa-nai              เนื้อใน

refreshing                     sòt-chû:n           สดชื่น

Hope you liked this and if you find some star fruit you should try it.

Kruu Nut
Thai Language Teacher