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The History of theHistory of the Thai Flag

Thai Flag

Thai Flag Description:

The flag of Thailand consists of five horizontal stripes. The top and bottom are equal-sized red stripes, the middle stripe is blue which is lined above and below by equal-sized white stripes. The blue stripe is double the size of the other four.

Thai Flag Meaning:

The red stripes represent the blood spilt to maintain Thailand’s independence. The white stands for purity and is the color of Buddhism which is the country’s main religion. Blue is Thailand’s national color and it represents the Thai monarchy. The blue is also used to honor Thailand’s World War I allies, Great Britain, France, United States and Russia, who all had red, white and blue flags.

Thai Flag History:

The current Thai flag was adopted on September 28, 1917, making it one of the world’s older flags. From the mid-19th century until 1916, Thailand, which was called Siam until 1939, used a red based flag with a white elephant on it. That flag was replaced in 1916 with a red-white-red-white-red horizontal striped flag which was modified in 1917, when the blue center replaced red.

Interesting Thai Flag Facts:

The Thai flag is called Triaranga or Triarong, which literally means ‘tricolor‘.

Even when Thai changed its name from Siam in 1939 and when it was allied with Japan during World War 2 the flag remained the same.


red                         สีแดง                               sĕe daeng

blue                       สีน้ำเงิน                            sĕe náam ngern

white                      สีขาว                               sĕe kăao

maintain                 เอกราช                             àyk-gà-râat

purity                     ความบริสุทธิ์                      kwaam bor-rí-sùt

Buddhism               ศาสนาพุทธ                       sàat-sà-năa pút

national color          สีประจำชาติ                       sĕe bprà-jam châat

Thai monarchy       สถาบันพระมหากษัตริย์ไทย   sà-tăa-ban prá má-hăa gà-sàt tai

Thai Flag                ธงชาติไทย                        tong châat tai

Triarong                 ไตรรงค์                              dtrai-rong

tricolor                    3 สี                                   săam-sĕe

World War 2           สงครามโลกครั้งที่ 2            sŏng-kraam-lôhk-kráng-têe sŏng


By Prae
Thai Language Teacher