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Writing Thai Script

Learn Thai | ‘Stop Final Letters’ and ‘Sonorant Final Letters’?

Stop Final Letters and Sonorant Final Letters

In the Thai language, the ‘final letters’ decide the sounds of the syllables and words. When I teach my Thai language students I normally focus on the final sounds/final letters because often they find it difficult to pronounce the length of final sounds in the Thai language.

Final letters mainly have 8 sounds which are basically categorized into 2 groups

·         Stop final letters are (short)  -ก,  -บ,  -ด

·         Sonorant final letters are (nasal long)  -ง,  -น, -ม, -ย, -ว

The stop final letters make dead syllables/words whereas the sonorant final letters make live syllables/words

Now you have learnt Step 3 of Thai grammar in term of reading and writing Thai words. When you combine all the steps together…1-2-3 then you are getting very close to a perfect reading and writing the Thai language. You will just need one more thing to go …… Tone Markers!

Thai Language Teacher