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Thai Food

Thai Dessert: Kànǒm Chán ขนมชั้น

Thai Dessert: Thai DessertsKànǒm Chán ขนมชั้น

Kànǒm Chán (Multi-Layer Sweet)  is an ancient, nine-layered Thai dessert that is used during a variety of auspicious ceremonies and is considered a blessing presaging a happy and prosperous life. In addition, as a dish, Kanǒm Chán is sweet and fragrant and suitable both as a dessert and as an informal snack.

The main ingredients of  Kànǒm Chán are flour, sugar, and coconut milk. The colours used to embellish this dessert are completely natural and include colours derived from a variety of herbs as well; among the various colours, for example, there is purple, obtained from the anchan (butterfly pea) flower, green from pandanus leaves, and red from krang (Iac). Thus, there are added nutritional benefits from the use of herbs as well.

Kànǒm Chán


Pandanus Leaves                         Butterfly Pea Flower

ใบเตยbutterfly pea flower - Thai desserts

Thai Vocabulary

ดอกอัญชัน  /dòrk an-chan/  butterfly pea flower
ใบเตย        /bai dter-ee/        pandanus leaves
สมุนไพร    /sà-mǔn-prai/   herb

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