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Learn the Thai Alphabet: Classes of Thai Consonants (Middle Class)

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Thai Alphabet | Middle-Class Consonants

middle class consonant learnthai wrttingthai study thailanguagehutToday we will learn about the Thai Alphabet.
Do you know how many letters there are in the Thai alphabet?
There are 44 consonants and 32 vowels!!!
The consonants are divided into 3 classes, which are;

1. Middle Class
2. High Class
3. Low Class

Today I would like to introduce you to Middle Class Consonants (MC)

The nature of MC is middle tone with the strong accent. There are 9 consonants in this class;

ก. ไก่        /gor gài/        

จ. จาน     /jor jaan/

ด. เด็ก      /dor dèk/

ฎ. ชฎา     /dor chá-daa/

ต. เต่า       /dtor dtào/

ฏ. ปฏัก    /dtor bpà-dtàk/

บ. ใบไม้   /bor bai-mái/

ป. ปลา     /bpor bplaa/

อ. อ่าง     /or àang/ 

How to write the Middle Class Consonants here: 

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A lesson to learn how to write the Low-Class Consonants is coming soon.

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Please keep practising:-)

Thai Language Teacher