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By July 14, 2009Thai Vocabulary

You might hear about the swine flu but Yaà-dtòk-jai-bpai” means ‘don’t panic’. The situation in Thailand is not so bad. If you go outside you will see a lot of Thai people putting the masks or “naâ-gaàk” on their faces just to protect themselves from the swine flu (kaî-wàt-yaì 2009) that has been hitting Thailand since last month. If you are not sure whether you have it or not you should “bpai-haă-mŏr” which means “go to see the doctor”. The doctor will “dtruàd-luêrd” which means “get your blood checked”. It will cost you about seè-pan-baàt or 4,000 Baht if you get it checked at “rong-pá-yaa-baan-aìk-gà-chon” which means “private hospital”. As for me (săm-ràp-chán), I am thinking about “saì-naâ-gaàk” (putting the mask on) as well but jaô-naai (boss) said that it wouldn’t help anyway. What do you think? You think it will chuây reŭh maî-chuây (help or not help)?

Yang-ngai-gôr-dtaam which means “however”, Gan-waí-dee-gwaà-gaêh… oh this is a Thai proverb (săm-nuan Thai) the phrase “Gan-waí-dee-gwaà-gaêh” means “better to prevent it first than to fix it later”.  Then there is another phrase to rhyme up with this proverb which is “Yaêh-laéw-jà-gaêh-maî-tan”. “Yaêh-laéw-jà-gaêh-maî-tan” means “when it gets worse it will be too late to fix it

Hĕn-duây mai?…Do you agree with me?


Vocabulary  Focus

Don’t panic                  =          Yaà-dtòk-jai-bpai        อย่าตกใจไป

Mask                           =          naâ-gaàk                     หน้ากาก

Swine flu                     =          kaî-wàt-yaì 2009 (săwng-pan-gaô)          ไข้หวัดใหญ่ 2009

Go to see the doctor               =          bpai-haă-mŏr              ไปหาหมอ

To get the blood checked       =          dtruàd-luêrd                     ตรวจเลือด

4,000 Baht                   =          seè-pan-baàt               สี่พันบาท

Private Hospital          =          rong-pá-yaa-baanèk-gà-chon            โรงพยาบาลเอกชน

As for me (female)        =          săm-ràp-chán              สำหรับฉัน

As for me (male)           =          săm-ràp-pŏm             สำหรับผม

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