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Relative Pronoun the word tîi ที่ | Learn Thai Grammar |

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How to use theRelative Pronoun - Thai

Thai Relative

Pronoun tîi

Hi everyone. In this learn Thai Language blog, we will learn the Relative Pronoun the word ‘ที่ /tîi /’.

I hope this will help you to better understand Thai Grammar and sentence construction.

Every language has relative pronouns. A relative pronoun is a pronoun that introduces a clause. It is called a “relative” pronoun because it “relates” to the word that its relative clause modifies – think of it as a replacement word for the noun (subject). There are 5 relative pronouns who, that, which, whose and where.

Similarly, a single Thai relative pronoun ‘ที่ /tîi/’ can mean who, that, which, whose and where:

Relative Pronoun Examples

Who | We 

เรา อยาก อยู่ บ้าน ที่ มี สวน และ สระว่ายน้ำ

rao yàak yùu bâan tîi mii sǔan lɛ́ sà-wâai-náam

We want to live in a house where there are a garden and a swimming pool.

Who | He 

เสื้อ ที่ เขา ซื้อมา เมื่อวาน แพง มาก

sʉ̂a tîi káo sʉ́ʉ maa mʉ̂a-waan pɛɛng mâak

The shirt which he bought yesterday, was very expensive.


คน ที่ บอก เรื่องนั้น กับ เขา ไม่ใช่ ผม

/kon tîi bɔ̀ɔk rʉ̂ang-nán gàp káo mâi-châi pǒm/

The person who told her that stories, wasn’t me.

Where | There (the location)

วัน ที่ ฉัน ไป ที่นั่น อากาศ ร้อน มาก

/wan tîi chán bpai tîi-nân aa-gàat rɔ́ɔn mâak/

The day when I went there, the weather was very hot.

I hope you now have a better understanding of how to use Thai Relative Pronouns. Look out for them when Thai’s are talking to you or you listen to Thai television or radio and practice using them until this feels natural. Good luck ka 🙂

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Looking forward to seeing you again.

By Prae
Thai Language Teacher

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