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Rambutan Thai FruitRambutan ngór ( เงาะ )

This strange looking fruit likes to grow in tropical and humid weather. It has a round and oval shape with a dark red shell and red with yellow hair.  It could be consumed when ripe, In Thailand, there are 2 specles;  Rong Rien and Si Chompoo.  Rambutan is cultivated in the provinces of Chantaburi, Rayong, Trad and Pracheenburi.

Why it Rambutan so popular?

There are many reasons Thai eat this fruit. The inside is white flesh which has a sweet and tasty scent,  It can easily be found in Thailand from May to September.  Rambutan have high sugar and vitamin C which help to stop bleeding gums and the calcium in rambutan also strengthens bones and teeth while vitamin B2 helps to digest fat and build a growing body.  Niacin helps to activate the digestive system, relieve dysentery, floated stomach, fever and nurture the body.



Rambutan                    ngór               เงาะ

Tropical weather        kè:t-rór:n      เขตร้อน

Tasty scent                  glìn-hŏr:m-a-ròry   กลิ่นหอมอร่อย

Bleeding gum            luȃd-òr:g-dta:m-rai-fan     เลือดออกตามไรฟัน

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