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Thai Proverb | Chickens | ไก่ gài

Thai Chicken Proverbs Thai chicken proverbs  คำพังเพยเกี่ยวกับไก่ / kam-pang-pəəi gìao-gàp gài

Hi everyone

In this bite sized Thai blog we will learn some Thai proverbs about chickens |

คำพังเพยเกี่ยวกับไก่. Let’s start:

1/ ไก่งามเพราะขน คนงามเพราะแต่ง | gài ngaam prכ́ kǒn  kon ngaam prכ́ dtԑ̀ԑng = Chickens are beautiful because of their feathers; women are beautiful because of their make-up. This actually means beauty comes after one grooms her appearance and puts on cosmetics.

2/ ไก่ได้พลอย | gài dâai plככi = A chicken gets a gem. This actually translates as, a person who has a good thing, but they do not know the value.

3/ ไก่เห็นตีนงู  งูเห็นนมไก่ | gài hěn dtiin nguu  nguu hěn nom gài = A chicken sees the snake’s foot and a snake sees the chicken’s breast. This actually means, two parties who know each other secret.

4/ งงเป็นไก่ตาแตก | nguang bpen gài data dtԑ̀ԑk = Confused like a chick with shattered eyes. This actually means, so confused or surprised because of some events that happened really fast.

I hope you enjoyed my Chicken phrase blog 🙂

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