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Learning Thai at our Bangkok Language School is friendly, but professional and results-driven. We teach using high-quality language texts from Paiboon Publishing and tailored materials we develop to meet your learning needs. You can learn Thai online using Skype wherever you are and we can mix the online lessons with lessons at our Bangkok based school when you are in Thailand – we call this Mix and Match.

> Private 1 teacher to 1 student – tailored training to meet your needs

> Professional trainin
g from Bangkok

> Use Paiboon Publishing high-quality textbooks and endorsed by Paiboon

learn thai with confidence

> Highly flexible training

> Used by professionals throughout the World

> 80% renewal rate by existing students


Lesson format and length of course

learn thai online - jang

The lesson format is private classes only, with one teacher for one student allowing us to focus solely on your needs. This means the classes are highly effective and you receive 100% of the teachers’ attention and do not learn from the mistakes of fellow classmates. It also has the advantage that we work at your speed not the speed of others ie if you find something easy we will go faster, but if you find something else difficult we will support you until you master this. In fact, this is the most effective way to learn any language, in particular, a tonal language.

Standard courses, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Thai use Paiboon textbooks and usually take 90 hours. The length of the course differs slightly as some students work faster than others. We can teach in both Thai script of phonetic transliteration depending on your needs.

Who do we teach?

We have taught and are teaching, airline pilots, headmasters, managing directors, senior business managers and new employees to Thai companies or Thai subsidiaries, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives and children of all nationalities including 1/2 Thai nationals also. We have programs for many skill levels and abilities based on Paiboon Publishing materials where possible.

When do we teach?

All classes are delivered at times convenient to you and are flexible too. You may cancel with 24 hours notice with no charge or even book within 24 hours notice, although we would recommend giving weeks notice to be safe. We are open to teaching between the hours of 9 am – 9 pm Monday to Sunday. This means your language investment is protected and you should not waste any lessons by missing them.

All classes are delivered by highly experienced Thai nationals with excellent English and teaching skills.

Advice before buying training?

> Have a free trial with us to check to learn online will work for you beforehand
> Confirm which level you are – Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced and what you want to achieve from your learning
> Agree a time frame and the number of hours a week + per lesson you wish to learn Thai (ideally minimum 3 times per week)
> Your teacher will recommend the books you should purchase if you have not already purchased a Paiboon book.

We will then build a personalized schedule with you to fit in with your needs and availability.

You may contact using the contact form (button below) or may chat to us using Skype, our alias is learnthailanguage or using the online webchat on this website.


Points to Note

> For Advanced Training and Bespoke training requirements please add an additional 5,000 baht (per 30-hour training block) to the prices above to cover preparation and the cost of a senior teacher.
> Should you cancel your lesson giving less than 24 hours notice we will charge the lesson to you
> There is a 5% bank charge added to the PayPal fees to cover bank charges

If you do not have Skype on your computer then you can get Skype here:

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