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Thai Grammar

Learn Thai | Ordinal Numbers, Months & Dates

How to say First, Second etc | Ordinal Thai Vocabulary Numbers, Months and Dates

Sàwàtdii kâ,

Hi everyone in this online Thai lesson we will learn about Ordinal numbers in Thai.  In Thai are formed by adding “ tîi “  in front of the number.

……….   tîi  nèung / ที่หนึ่ง /             first

……….   tîi  sɔɔng / ที่สอง /               second

………… tîi  săam / ที่สาม /               third

Dates are expressed using  the pattern

“  wan    +  ordinal number   +  month “

Example :

Wan tîi sìp-hòk   tan- waa – kom  /วันที่ 10 ธันวาคม / 16 th December.

Wan tîi săam mee- săa- yon /วันที่ 3 เมษายน /  3 rd  April.

I hope you enjoyed learning this Thai Grammar.

Thai Language Teacher