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Thai Phrases

Thai Phrases | At the Cinema | Movies

Thai Phrases to use at the CinemaHelp for Learners of Thai

Hi everyone.

In this lesson, we will learn some Thai Phrases and Thai Vocabulary that will be useful when you go to the cinema.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Thai Phrases and Vocabulary

หนัง /nǎng/ = Movie

โรงหนัง /roong-nǎng/ = Cinema

ตั๋ว /dtǔa/ = Ticket

ตั๋วหนัง /dtǔa-nǎng/ = Movie ticket

ชมเรื่องอะไร /chom rûang à-rai?/ = What movie would you like?

รอบ /rɔ̂ɔp/ =  show time

รอบกี่โมง /rɔ̂ɔp gìi moong?/ = What time?

รอบไหน /rɔ̂ɔp nǎi?/ = Which show time?

ที่นั่งธรรมดา /tîi-nâng tam-ma-daa/ = Normal seat

ที่นั่งพิเศษ /tîi-nâng pí-sèet/ = Special seat

แถวบน /tɛ̌ɛw bon/ = Upper row (of seats)

แถวล่าง /tɛ̌ɛw làang/ = Lower row (of seats)

กี่ท่าน /gìi tâan?/ = How many people?

แถวไหน /tɛ̌ɛw nǎi dii?/ = Which row?

Enjoy watching the movies guys!

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