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Learning Thai Culture | Astrology Birth Year

Astrology in Thailand | คุณเกิดปีอะไร

To ask “what year were you born?” in Thai you have to say “khun goèrd bpee àrai?”

In Thailand for official papers and also general Thai speaking we use ‘Buddhist Era’ or ‘B.E.’ when we talk about years.

The word ‘Buddhist Era’ in Thai is ‘pút-tá-sàk-gà-raàt’. And in short as abbreviation we just say ‘por-sŏr’ which means ‘B.E.’

e.g.     Q:  Khun goèrd bpee àrai? What year were you born?

A:  Chan goèrd bpee 2525 (săwng-pan-haâ-roí-yeê-sìb-haâ) or

Chan goèrd bpee 2525 (săwng-haâ-săwng-haâ) or

Chan goèrd bpee 25 (săwng-haâ)  à most used one

Q:  Bpee neé bpee por-sŏr àrai? What B.E year is this year?

A:  Bpee neé bpee 2552 (săwng-pan-haâ-roí-haâ-sìb-săwng) or

Bpee neé bpee 2552 (săwng-haâ-haâ-săwng) or

Bpee neé bpee 52 (haâ-săwng)  à most used one

But sometimes we use ‘kor-sŏr’   which stands for Krít-sàk-gà-raàt.  ‘Kor-sŏr’ means ‘A.D.’ and ‘Krít-sàk-gà-raàt’ means ‘Anno Domini’ , ‘Christian Era’

e.g.     Q:  Khun goèrd bpee àrai? What year were you born?

A:  Pŏm goèrd bpee  1980 (neùng-pan-gaô-roí-bpaèd-sìb) or

Pŏm goèrd bpee 1980 (neùng-gaô-bpaèd-soŏn)   à most used one

And in ‘Hŏ-raa-saàt-Thai’ which means Thai astrology, we have the Zodiac of 12 animal signs like in Chinese one which represent the different types of personality and characteristics. The twelve signs are as follows:

Bpee Chuâd              =          Rat year                      ปีชวด

Bpee Chà-loŏ            =          Ox year                       ปีฉลู

Bpee Kaăn                 =          Tiger year                   ปีขาล

Bpee Toàh                 =          Rabbit year                ปีเถาะ

Bpee Má Rohng          =               Dragon year                      ปีมะโรง

Bpee Má S ěng             =               Snake year                         ปีมะเส็ง

Bpee Má Mia                =               Horse year                         ปีมะเมีย

Bpee Má Mair              =               Goat year                           ปีมะแม

Bpee Wôrk                    =               Monkey year                     ปีวอก

Bpee Rá Gaa                 =               Chicken year                     ปีระกา

Bpee Jor                         =               Dog year                             ปีจอ

Bpee Goon                    =               Pig year                               ปีกุน

Kruu Jang
Thai Language Teacher