Specialized Thai Language Courses

Not sure which course is for you then check our course recommendation diagram below:Thai Language Course Outline

These Thai Specialized Language Courses are bespoke courses developed specifically for you and your aims. We will agree on which materials to use, the style of teaching and the course length and will adapt the course to meet your needs.

Business managers, Embassy staff, Headmasters of International Schools have learned Advanced Thai with us either for examinations, speeches & presentations or to improve their general everyday usage of Thai. Further, we have taught children of all ages to enjoy the Thai language.

All courses can be delivered Online via Skype,

Name of Course Course Length Phonetic / Thai Script Description Audience Materials
Children Flexible Phonetic but Thai Script also available Basic introduction with pictures and games to make learning Thai fun and interactive. Children wishing to learn Thai. We will adapt the text and approach to fit children between the ages of 4-11. New Paiboon book to be announced shortly. In the meantime, TLH will use existing Thai children texts.
Thai Short Story Flexible Thai / Phonetic Selection of short stories written in Thai to test understanding, comprehension and reinforce grammar. Advanced students wishing to practice for the Government Level 6 examination or reinforce their knowledge of Thai grammar and phrases. We will locate an appropriate short story at the right level and interest
Thai Newspaper Flexible Thai Script Read newspaper articles to learn about Thai current affairs whilst practising and learning Thai grammar and comprehension skills. For Advanced students wishing to practice for the Government Level 6 examination or reinforce their knowledge of Thai grammar and phrases We will take topical news items from Newspapers and website to test comprehension, build vocabulary and use a basis for conversation.
Business Thai Flexible Thai Script Learn more formal aspects of Thai language such as letter writing, how to address people, manage telephone conversations etc. For Advanced students wishing to learn vocabulary and grammar of business Thai – often of interest to those working towards the Government Level 6 Examination. We use level 6 course material and/or Thai business level books relevant to the interest of the student.
Level 6 Flexible Thai Script We will work with you to develop your skills to Grade 6 level Thai using a combination of standard level 6 texts, Business Thai, Newspaper, Short Story and Advanced Thai courses. Those working towards the Government Level 6 Examination. Level 6 Course material.
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