Intermediate Thai Language Course

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Course Length Description Audience
90 Hours Communication with more complex grammar and vocabulary in speaking and/or writing the Thai Language. Those who can communicate using basic Thai language or writing wishing to extend their knowledge.

Plans and Pricing

Course Book : Thai for Intermediate Learners

by Benjawan Poonsan Becker

Table of Contents

Guide to Pronunciation

Lesson 1
Directions; Thai place names; public holidays; provinces

Lesson 2
More directions; Bangkok place names

Lesson 3
Using “ให้”

Lesson 4
Using “การ” and “ความ”

Lesson 5
Using “ที่”, “ว่า” and “ถูก”

Lesson 6
Using “ใจ”, “ขี้” and “น่า”

Lesson 7
Thai names; food; desserts; English name used in Thai

Lesson 8
More about kinship terms; pronouns

Lesson 9
Using particles

Lesson 10
The twelve year cycle; words from English

English Translation

Test Answers

Lessons listed here relate to sections in the book and not actual lessons.

Plans and Pricing

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