Thai for Tourists – Thai Language Course Fees

If you are coming to Thailand for a short period for a holiday or on business please consider our short online course, Thai for Tourists. Learn how to get around in Thailand with our brief 2, 4 or 6 hour Introduction to the Thai Language. The course will take you through Thai pronunciation, question words and key phrases.

Learn Thai for your holiday

The course is based on the Thai for Travelers Phrase book + CD by Benjawan Poomsan.

The course is available as private Online training. Online training is delivered 1 to 1 (one teacher to one student).

Training can be taken in 1 of thee formats 1/ A 2 hour course – 1 session 2/ A 4 hour course 2 hours x 2 sessions or 3/ 6 hour course 2 hour x 3 sessions

You will need to order your book Online from Amazon publishing here or at your local bookshop where available.

Detailed course content is available here.

There are three payment methods credit card (Online – by PayPal) or bank transfer.

Thai for Tourists – Thai Language Course Fees

Basic 2 Hours Standard 4 hours Complete 6 hours
Online using Skype 1,750 3,400 5,000
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