Thai Training Prices

Thai Course Fees are based on teaching delivery only. We teach using materials from Benjawan Poomsan Becker (Paiboon Publishing) the lead publisher for Thai Language materials Worldwide.  We are the only school recommended by Paiboon. However, we can at request use your own materials or prefered textbooks.

As most students already have textbooks already our Thai course fees do not include texts themselves. Textbooks are inexpensive and are available via Amazon or can be purchased from most large bookshops.

We operate a transparent pricing policy. The more training you purchase the better your price.

*** Prices start from as little as THB 533 per hour offering
good value for Private 1 to 1 training with professional trainers ***

Thai Course Fees

 Course Rates in THB Hourly THB Average Course Length *see Learning Recommendations below
Tourist Thai
2, 4 or 6 hours
2,400/4,800/7,200 1,200 1-2 hours per session Online
15 hour
11,250 750 2.5 weeks
Short Course
30 hour
19,500 650 5 weeks / 1.5 months
Survival Thai
60 hour
36.000 600 10 weeks / 3 months
Full Course
90 hour
51,500 572 15 weeks / 4.5 months
Full Course x 2
180 hour
98,100 545 20 weeks / 6 months
Full Course x 3
270 hour
160,000 592

40 weeks / 1 year

Advanced Training only 90 Hours 72,000 baht

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Points to Note

90 hours is the average amount of time it takes to take a beginner language learner through to intermediate level

  • The more blocks you buy the better the discounted price
  • We do not deliver lessons less than 1 hours-2 hours – experience has shown this maximizes your learning
  • For Advanced Training and bespoke training requirements please add an additional 6,000 baht  (per 30-hour training block) to the prices above to cover preparation and the cost of a senior teacher.
  • Full Terms and Conditions and Payment Options follow this link

Learning Recommendations

  • You should aim to study a minimum of three times x ideally  a week
  • Review work covered in class
  • Spend time outside the lesson to practice your Thai & do your homework!
  • Online lessons usually start at 1 hour per lesson but as you get used to the format we recommend you increase the lessons to 2 hours (with a break halfway)

Advice before Buying Thai Course Fees

1. Finalize which level you are – Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
2. Agree a time frame and the number of hours a week + per lesson you wish to learn Thai

We will then build a personalized schedule with you to fit in with your needs and availability.  For Specialized Thai Language Courses please contact us directly for a quotation.

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