Learn Thai Online Fees

Learn Thai Online & Learn Thai On-Site at our school (same price – interchangeable)

If you are looking to purchase Learn Thai Online or wish to book language training only then please read on. For 90 hour pages including books and materials please look at the individual package section broken down by level, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Advice before buying training?

1. Confirm which level you are – Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
2. Agree a time frame and the number of hours a week + per lesson you wish to learn Thai (ideally minimum 3 times per week)
3. Have a free trial with us to meet your teacher beforehand
4. If learning Thai Online please order your text book via Amazon – please see our Core Course Materials Page.
5. If learning at the school you may purchase the books directly from us. Your teacher will recommend the books you should purchase.

We will then build you a personalized schedule with you to fit in with your needs and availability.


On-Site (at our school) or Online Language Course Fees for

Beginner / Intermediate

Course Rate in THB Hourly Rate in THB Details
2 hours trial course 1,750 875 Paid Trial
15 hour short course 9,500 633 Introduction
30 hour course 18,000 600 Short Course
60 hour course 35,500 591 2 x Short Course
90 hour course 51,500 572 Full Course
120 hour course 68,000 566 Full Course with Practice
240 hour course 128,000 533 Beg &  Int Courses with Practice
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Course Costs

Please contact us and ask for a Payment Link

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 Points to Note

> 90 Hours is the average amount of time it takes to progress through one of our courses
> The more 30 hour blocks you buy the better the discounted price
> We do not deliver lessons less than 1 hours-2 hours – experience has shown this maximizes your learning
> For Advanced Training and Bespoke training requirements please add an additional 3,000 baht (per 30 hour training block) to the prices above to cover preparation and the cost of a senior teacher.
> Should you cancel your lesson giving less than 24 hours notice we will charge the lesson to you
> There is a 5% bank charge added to the PayPal fees
> Full Terms and Conditions and Payment Options follow this link


Thai Learning Recommendations

We recommend the following:

> You should aim to study a minimum of three times x 2 hours a week
> Review work covered in class
> Spend time outside the lesson to practice your Thai & do your homework!

These are guidelines only. It is completely up to you how many times you study and whether you practice or not.

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