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Thai Grammar

Learn Thai Grammar: The words of time (1)

Morning, Afternoon, Evening – Time Words

learn thai time

Hello everyone,

After telling you guys about telling Thai time earlier, today, I would like to talk more about words of time. This will be very useful in your daily conversation.

In English, you have in the morning, at noon, in the evening etc. Let’s see what we have.

In Thai, we don’t need different prepositions when talking about the different times of the day like in or at.

We use only one proposition which is dtorn

in the morning         =        dtorn châao

at noon                       =         dtorn săai

in the afternoon     =         dtorn bàai

in the evening         =         dtorn yen

at night                      =          dtorn dùek


Let’s see some examples using the words of time.

What do you eat in the morning?

 dtorn châao Kun gin À-rai?

I have coffee in the afternoon.

 Pŏm gin ga-fae dtorn bàai


She went to bed late at night

kăo norn  dtorn dùek

**Please note that if you would like to say “she went to bed late” then you can leave out the word “dtorn”  out.

As always enjoy.

Thai Language Teacher