How to say I’m Easy in Thai | Whatever

By June 25, 2012Speak Thai

Whatever – Anything, Anyone, Whenever you like –

ก็ได้ gɔ̂-dâai

The question words “อะไร /à-rai/ – What?”, “เท่าไร /tâo-rài/ – How much?”, “ที่ไหน /tîi-nǎi/ – Where?”, “ใคร /krai/ – Who?” and “เมื่อไร /mûa-rài/ – When?” also act as indefinite pronouns, anything, however much, anywhere, anyone and whenever, respectively;  They are followed by ….ก็ได้ /gɔ̂-dâai/ to show amenability or indifference, similar to English “whatever, alright, anything, anyone, whenever you like”:

ฉันกินอะไรก็ได้ /chán gin à-rai gɔ̂-dâai/

(I can eat anything you like.)

เราไปเมื่อไรก็ได้ /rao bpai mûa-rài gɔ̂-dâai/

(We can go any time you like.)

คุณถามใครก็ได้ /kun tǎam krai gɔ̂-dâai/

(You can ask anyone you like.)

ผมนั่งที่ไหนก็ได้ /pǒm nâng tîi-nǎi gɔ̂-dâai/

(I can sit anywhere you like.)

By Prae
Thai Language Teacher