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How to say the Thai word to Think | Thai Vocabulary

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| To Think

Hello everyone! Long time no see! Did you miss us?

In this blog, we will learn how to say and use the word “to think” in Thai Language. This is used widely in the English language, ie ‘I think that….’. The usage of this verb in the Thai language is not too dissimilar.

To say “to think” in Thai language is…

คิด /kít/

For example,

คุณกำลังคิดอะไร / kun gam-lang kít à-rai/

What are you thinking?

ฉัน/ผมไม่ได้คิดอะไร /chán,pŏm mâi-dâai kít à-rai/

I am not thinking of anything.

คุณคิดว่าภาษาไทยยากไหม /kun kít-wâa paa-săa tai yâak mái/

Do you think Thai is difficult?

เราคิดว่าภาษาไทยไม่ยาก /rao kít wâa paa-sǎa thai mâi yâak/

We think that Thai language is not difficult.

ขอคิดดูก่อน /kɔ̆ɔ kít duu gɔ̀ɔn/

Let me think first.

If you want to say that you miss somebody, in Thai is…

คิดถึง /kít-tʉ̌ng/

For example,
ฉันคิดถึงคุณมาก /chán kít-tʉ̌ng kun mâak/
ผมคิดถึงคุณมาก /pǒm kít-tʉ̌ng kun mâak/
 I miss you very much.

ฉัน/ผมรู้สึกคิดถึงบ้าน/chán,pŏm rúu-sᵾ̀k kít-tᵾ̆ng bâan/

I feel homesick.

คุณคิดถึงผม/ฉันไหม /kun kít-tᵾ̆ng pŏm,chán mái/

Do you miss me?


There is a similar word which is…

 นึก /nʉ́k/

This word means to consider, to think and to bring to mind.

If you say นึกว่า /nʉ́k wâa/, it can mean “to think that” or “thought that”,  to indicate that something contrast to what you imagined before.

For example,
ฉันนึกว่าคุณจะไม่มา /chán nʉ́k wâa kun jà mâi maa/
I thought you would not come! (but you came)

ผม/ฉันนึกว่าเขาไม่สบาย /pŏm,chán nᵾ́k wâa káo mâi sà-baai/

I thought he was sick. (but he was not)

ฉัน/ผมนึกว่าเขาเป็นคนดี /chán, pŏm nᵾ́k wâa káo bpen kon dii/

I thought he/she was a good person (but she/he was not)

If you say นึกถึง /nʉ́k -tʉ̌ng/, it means “think of, think about” and it can also mean “to recall”.

For example,
ถ้าพูดถึงประเทศไทย เราจะนึกถึงอากาศร้อน /tâa pûut tʉ̌ng bprà-têet thai, rao jà nʉ́k-tʉ̌ng aa-gàat rɔ́ɔn/
If we talk about Thailand, we will think of the hot weather.

เวลาผมเจอเธอผมมักจะนึกถึงตอนเธอเมา/wee-laa pŏm jәә tәә pŏm mák-jà nᵾ́k-tᵾ̆ng dtɔɔn tәә mao/

When I meet her, I usually think of when she was drunk.

ถ้าพูดถึงตอนคุณเป็นเด็ก คุณจะนึกถึงอะไร /tâa pûut-tᵾ̆ng dtɔɔn kun bpen dèk, kun jà nᵾ́k-tᵾ̆ng à-rai/

If we talk about when you were young, what will you think of?

Hope you enjoyed my short lesson.

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