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Learn Thai Vocabulary | Colors (Colours) | Art Mediums

What to call differentLearn Thai Vocabulary | Color Types color (colour) art mediums in Thai the language

Hi everyone.
Do you like art?
In this blog Thai lesson, we will talk about how in the  Thai language we can talk about different kinds of colour art mediums. In English, we talk about crayons, pencils etc but in Thai, these are always addressed as colour pencils, colour pencils. In English colour is only prefixed to some art mediums but not all.
Enjoy the differences:
The word “colour” in Thai we say, สี /sǐi/.
สีน้ำ /sǐi-nám/ = watercolor
สีโปสเตอร์ //sǐi-bpóot-dtә̂ә/ = poster color
สีน้ำมัน /sǐi-nám-man/ = oil color

สีอะคริลิค /sǐi-a-kri-lìk/= acrylic colorสีไม้ /sǐi-mái/ = pencil colorสีเทียน /sǐi-tian/ = crayonสีฝุ่น /sǐi-fùn/ = powder colour

hope you enjoyed this short blog Thai lesson. So now you understand how Thai’s address different art mediums and how Thai’s see these as delivering colour as implied in their Thai names. Comment on this blog below if you enjoyed this.
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