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How to talk about Swimming in Thai | ไปว่ายน้ำ | Vocabulary

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Do you like swimming? I do.
Even though I have just learned how to swim not long ago, I find it fun!
So today, I have some Thai vocabulary about swimming.
Let’s check this out!

Thailand being a hot tropical country helps to make swimming both a popular exercise and a way to cool down after a long hot day. A bit of Thai vocabulary will help you talk to Thais and make more friends. Have a try.


ว่ายน้ำ /wâai-nám/ = to swim

สระว่ายน้ำ /sà-wâai-nám/ = swimming pool
ชุดว่ายน้ำ /chút-wâai-nám/ = swimsuit
แว่นตาว่ายน้ำ /wɛ̂ɛn-dtaa wâai-nám/ = swimming goggles
หมวกว่ายน้ำ /mùak-wâai-nám/= swimming cap
ห่วงยาง /hùang-yaang/ = swimming ring
โฟมว่ายน้ำ /foom-wâai-nám/ = swimming foam
ลอยตัว /lɔɔi-dtua/ = to float
ใครอยากไปกับฉันบ้างคะ /yen níi chán jà bpai wâai-nám, krai yàak bpai gàp chán bâang ká?/
This evening, I am going swimming, who wants to go with me?
Hope you enjoyed learning a little more Thai language.
See you next time!
Thai Language teacher