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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Vocabulary | The Seasons ฤดูกาล

The Seasons in Thailand  ฤดูกาล

Do you know how many Seasons there are in Thailand??

In Thailand, we have only have 3 seasons – hot, hotter and hottest!!! 

No, no, no! They are not hot, hotter, and hottest as you may thought. We have the following: 

ฤดูร้อน /rú-duu ráwn = summer, hot season – here the temperature can soar up to the mid 40 degrees Celsius               

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ฤดูฝน / rú-duu fǒn = rainy season or monsoon season with extreme but regular heavy rain and often flooding –

Sukhumvit_43_bangkok_flood this picture was taken in our Soi during the last rainy season

ฤดูหนาว /rú-duu nǎao = winter, cold season with temperatures in Southern Central region often about 25 degrees Celsius and in the Northern Mountain Regions such as Chiang Mai dropping as low as zero on the mountain sides

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Seasons in most other Countries

Most other countries they have 4 seasons which are,

ฤดูร้อน /rú-duu ráwn = summer

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ฤดูใบไม้ผลิ /rú-duu bai-mái plì = spring

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ฤดูใบไม้ร่วง / rú-duu bai-mái rûang =  fall, autumn

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ฤดูหนาว /rú-duu nǎao = winter


I hope you enjoyed learning a little Thai Season Vocabulary blog.

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