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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Vocabulary: Prefix — rohng

There are many prefix in Thai language. Today, we are going to learn the prefix “rohng”

            “rohng” means place or building.

If the prefix “rohng” + another word means “the place for_____”.

For example,

rian                 =          to learn, to study

rohng-rian     โรงเรียน            =          school

raem               =          to stay the night, stay overnight

rohng-raem   โรงแรม             =          hotel

ngaan                        =          work, job

rohng-ngaan     โรงงาน           =        factory

pá-yaa-baan=          to nurse, to look after

rohng-pá-yaa-baan     โรงพยาบาล       =          hospital

nǎng               =          movie

             rohng-nǎng     โรงหนัง             =          cinema, movie theater

lá-korn            =          play, stage performance, drama

rohng lá-korn      โรงละคร            =          theater, playhouse

pim                  =          to print, type, imprint

             rohng-pim      โรงพิมพ์                 =          printing hous, press

rót                  =          car

rohng rót      โรงรถ               =          garage

Chán jà bpai rian paa-sǎa Thai tîi rohng-rian Thai language hut kâ!! ^_^

Hope you enjoy learning Thai vocabulary!

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