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Learn Thai Vocabulary | Name of General Conversation Places | Locations

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How to talk aboutPlaces | Locations | Thai Vocabulary

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Hi everyone.

In this Thai lesson, we will learn some Vocabulary to help you build your basic conversation when talking about Places or Locations in a town or city:

> ร้านอาหาร /ráan-aa-hǎan/ = restaurant

> ธนาคาร /ta-naa-kaan/= bank

> ตลาด /dtan-làat/= market

> สนามบิน /sa-nǎam-bin/= airport

> โรงเรียน /roong-rian/ = school

> โรงแรม /roong-rɛɛm/= hotel

> โรงพยาบาล /roong-pa-yaa-baan/ = hospital

> วัด /wát/= temple

>ไปรษณีย์ /bprai-sa-nii/= post office

I hope you can now talk about a different place in Thai.

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See you in my next blog.

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