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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Vocabulary |น้อยกว่า (less than) – มากกว่า (more than)

How to say Less Than or More Than in the Thai language

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Hi everyone,

Do you know how to say “less than” and “more than” in Thai?

If you don’t know, we will learn how to say these two words together.

The word “less than”’ in Thai is “น้อยกว่า/nɔ̀ɔi gwàa/.

Let’s see some example;

เขากินน้อยกว่าผม /káo gin nɔ́ɔi gwàa pǒm/ = He eats less than me.(for male speaker)

พวกเขาทำงานน้อยกว่าเรา /pûak-káo tam-ngaan nɔ́ɔi gwàa rao/ = They work less than us.

เธอพูดน้อยกว่าฉัน /təə pûut nɔ́ɔi gwàa chán/ = She speaks less than me. (for female speaker)

ห้าน้อยกว่าสิบ /hâa nɔ̀ɔi gwàa sìp/= 5 < 10


And the word “more than”’ in Thai is “มากกว่า/mâak gwàa/.

Let’s see some example;

ผมกินมากกว่าเขา /pǒm gin mâak gwàa káo/ = I eat more than him.(for male speaker)

เราทำงานมากกว่าพวกเขา /rao tam-ngaan mâak gwàa pûak-káo/ = We work more than them.

ฉันพูดมากกว่าเธอ /chán pûut mâak gwàatəə/ = I speak more than her. (for female speaker)

สิบมากกว่าห้า /sìpmâak gwàa hâa/= 10 > 5

I hope you have learnt something new and that you have enjoyed this lesson.

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By Prae

Thai Language Teacher