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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Vocabulary | รส/rót-cháat|Flavors or Taste

How to talk aboutTastes and Flavours in Thai

Tastes and Flavors

in Thai Language

Thai cooking is full of complex appealing tastes which makes it the envy of the world. There is probably no part of the western world that does not have a Thai restaurant within 100 kms :-).

These flavors are based around the following tastes, sweet, bitter, sour, salty and of course spicy. It is the combination of these tastes that make Thai food so delicious. Not all Thai food is spicy!

In this Thai lesson we will Learn  a few pieces of Thai Vocabulary about รส ชาติ rót- cháat  / Flavors, Taste. When you eat your Thai food you should be able to identify these flavors.

Thai Taste | Flavor Vocabulary

เผ็ด /pèt/   = to be spicy; to be peppery

เปรี้ยว /bprîao/   = to be sour

หวาน /wǎan/   = to be sweet

ขม /kǒm/   = to be bitter

เค็ม /kem/   = to be salty

จืด /jùut/   = to be tasteless, to be bland

มัน /man/   = to be oily, to be rich in flavor

รสจัด /rót-jàt/   = to have a strong sharp taste

อร่อย / arᴐ̀i / = delicious

Enjoy your tastings. Remember you must taste a lot to remember your Thai vocabulary :-).

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I look forward to seeing you at my next lesson.

By Prae
Thai Language Teacher