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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Vocabulary | Going to the Bank

How to use ThaiBank - Thai Bank Vocabulary language at the Bank

In this blog, we will learn some Thai Vocabulary that you can use when you go to the bank. We all need to pay bills, deposit, transfer, save and exchange money in addition to paying bank fees at some point so everyone needs to have some vocabulary to help them when they go to a Thai Bank. Try below:


ธนาคาร  /ta-naa-kaan/   =    a bank

บัญชี    /ban-chii/   =  account

บัญชีออมทรัพย์ /ban-chii ᴐᴐm-sáp/ = savings account

บัญชีกระแสรายวัน /ban-chii grà-sɛ̌ɛ-raai-wan/ = current account

เปิดบัญชี   /bpә̀әt ban-chii/   =  open account

ปิดบัญชี    /bpìt ban-chii/   =  close account

ฝากเงิน   /fàak ngәn/   =  deposit money

ถอนเงิน   /tɔ̌ɔn ngәn/   =  withdraw money

โอนเงิน   /oon ngәn/   =    transfer money

แลกเงิน /lɛ̂ɛk ngən/ = exchange money (ie from one currency to another)

เช็ค /chék/ = cheque | check

ฝากเช็ค   /fàak chék/   =  deposit a cheque | check

แบบฟอร์ม /bɛ̀ɛp-fᴐᴐm/ = form

กรอกแบบฟอร์ม /grᴐ̀ᴐk bɛ̀ɛp-fᴐᴐm/ = fill in the form

ค่าธรรมเนียม /kâa tam-niam/ = charge, fee

ดอกเบี้ย /dᴐ̀ᴐk-bîa/= interest

กู้ /gûu/ =  to loan

Now you can go to the bank and try your new vocabulary and phrases. Be careful make sure they understand correctly or the bank staff might make a mistake!!!

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Look forward to seeing you in my next lesson.

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