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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Vocabulary | สาย,ดึก săai,dèuk | To be late

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How to say Late_Thai_Language

Late in

Thai Language

Sàwàt dii kâ

In this Thai lesson we will learn more about the Adjective word “to be late “ in Thai Language. Unlike English there are two words to describe being late in Thai. They both describe being late but at different times of the day.

Thai Vocabulary – Late

                                           1.สาย/sǎai/   To be late/ To be late in the morning

Example :


Cháao níi rót-dtìt mâak  káo maa tam ngaan săai .

This morning was traffic so he/she came to work late.


Káo dtùen săai sà-mĕo.

He/She always wake up late.

                                           2.ดึก/dèuk / to be late at night


mêua keun níi chán glàp bâan dèuk.

Last night I returned home late.


Káa nawn dèuk lɛ′ dtèun sǎai

He/She likes to sleep late and get up late.

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