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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai | Vocabulary in Thai Family

Thai Family naming words

sà-wàt-dii kâ. Today I would like to teach you online Thai lesson in vocabulary about family.Thai Family Vocabulary


ครอบครัว /krɔ̂ɔp-krua/ = family

พ่อ /pɔ̂ɔ/ = father

แม่ /mɛ̂ɛ/ = mother

พ่อแม่ /pɔ̂ɔ- mɛ̂ɛ / = parents

ลูกชาย /lûuk-chaai/ = son

ลูกสาว /lûuk- sǎao/ = daughter

ลูก /lûuk/ = child, kid

ปู่ /bpùu/ = grandfather (father’s father)

ย่า /yâa/ = grandmother (father’s mother)

ตา /dtaa/ = grandfather (mother’s father)

ยาย /yaai/ = grandmother (mother’s mother)

พี่ /pîi/ = older sibling

พี่ชาย /pîi-chaai/ = older brother

พี่สาว /pîi-sǎao/ = older sister

น้อง /nɔ́ɔng/ = younger sibling

น้องชาย /nɔ́ɔng-chaai/ = younger brother

น้องสาว /nɔ́ɔng-sǎao / = younger sister

พี่น้อง /nɔ́ɔng- pîi/ = siblings

อา /aa/ = father’s younger siblings

น้า /náa/ = mother’s younger siblings

ป้า /bpâa/ = aunt (older sister of parents)

ลุง /lung/ = uncle (older brother of parents)

หลานชาย /lǎan-chaai/ = grandson, nephew

หลานสาว /lǎan- sǎao/ = granddaughter, niece

หลาน  /lǎan/ = grandchild, child of your siblings

ลูกพี่ลูกน้อง /lûuk-pîi-lûuk-nɔ́ɔng/ = cousin


Famiies and inter relationships are very important in Thai culture as Thai culture is based on hierarchy. It is important to try to get the right title or you may cause minor embarressment! They are likely to overlook your errors as you are a foreigner however, it would be better and impressive if you got this right the first time 🙂 

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