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How to address Thai family members |ครอบครัว krͻ̂ͻp-krua

Thai Family Members and what to call them

family ครอบครัว

Hi everybody!

In this blog, we will be learning some vocabulary describing different family members in the Thai language.

The family-like Thai society is strictly hierarchical. This may not be obvious to people new to Asian or Thai Culture but it is shown both in terms of how people are addressed and in terms of how people interact. In Thailand, unlike in the West, family members have different names depending on their seniority, age or relationship to the male line. In theory the male line is more senior than the female line and the older siblings more senior than the younger siblings, however in practice in modern-day Thailand this is not followed but the terms to address one another in this hierarchical system have remained and are a reminder of the hierarchical systems endemic in Thai society – ie Position, religion, wealth and age being the major definers.

Thai Vocabulary – ครอบครัว  krͻ̂ͻp-krua | Family

1. พ่อ / pͻ̂ͻ / father
2. แม่ / mԑ̂ԑ / mother
3. ลูก / lûuk / child, offspring
4. ลูกชาย / lûukchaai / son
5. ลูกสาว / lûuksǎao / daughter
6. ปู่ / bpùu / father’s father
7. ย่า / yâa / father’s mother
8. ตา  / dtaa / mother’s father
9. ยาย / yaai  / mother’s mother
10. พี่สาว / pîi-sǎao / older sister
11. พี่ชาย / pîi-chaai  / older brother
12. น้องสาว / nͻ́ͻng-sǎao / younger sister
13. น้องชาย / nͻ́ͻng-chaai  / younger brother
14. ลุง / lung / Uncle (older brother of your mother and father)
15. ป้า / bpâa / Aunt (older sister of your mother and father)
16. น้า / náa / Uncle, Aunt (younger brother or sister on mother’s side)
17. อา / aa / Uncle, Aunt (younger brother or sister on father’s side)
18. หลานชาย / lǎan chaai / Nephew, Grandson
19. หลานสาว / lǎan sǎao / Niece, Granddaughter
20. ลูกพี่ลูกน้อง / lûuk pîi lûuk nɔ́ɔng / Cousin

I hope this was useful. Please post any questions you would like 🙂

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