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Thai Grammar

Learn Thai Grammar: To Be Doing Something

Learning Advanced Thai at Thai Language Hut School In the Process of Doing Something

Hello everyone,

What are you doing? I am writing my blog. Shall we say this in Thai? Sure? Let’s have a look.

We will learn Thai grammar.

The key word to form the continues tense is “gam-lang…..yùu”



What are you doing?

Kun gam-lang tam à-rai yùu?

I am writing a blog.

chán gam-lang kěan (write) blog yùu 

I am eating.

Pǒm gam-lang gin kâao yùu

*Please note that when you talk about eating with Thais whatever they are eating they will say they are eating rice, although they are eating noodles.


What is he doing?

kǎo gam-lang tam à-rai yùu?

He is watching T.V

kǎo gam-lang  duu tii-wii yùu.


**Please note that you can leave out the word either “gam-lang” or  yùu”.


For example;

I am reading blog.

Pǒm gam-lang àan blog.

or  Pǒm àan blog yùu.

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As always enjoy!

Thai Language Teacher