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Learn Thai: To Ask | ถาม

By March 3, 2011October 13th, 2021No Comments

How to askHow to say Ask in Thai language

Sa wad dii ka 🙂 Today we will learn to speak Thai. I have different ways to say “to ask” in Thai. Let’s check it out!

1. To ask a question, in Thai we use the word “ถาม” /tǎam/

/káo tǎam chán wâa hěn wɛ̂ɛn-dtaa kɔ̌ɔng káo mái/

He/She asked if I saw his/her eye-glasses.

2. To ask for something, in Thai we use the word “ขอ” /kɔ̌ɔ/

Ex. ฉันขอเงินแม่ 20 บาท

/chán kɔ̌ɔ ngәn mɛ̂ɛ yîi sìp bàat/

I ask my mom for 20 baht

3. To ask someone to do something together, to ask someone to go out, in Thai we use the word “ชวน” /chuan/

Ex. เขาชวนฉันไปดูหนังแต่ฉันไม่ว่าง

/káo chuan chán bpai duu nǎng dtɛ̀ɛ chán mâi wâang/

He asks me to go to see a movie but I’m not free.

Hope you enjoy learning Thai and understand how to use “ask” in Thai 🙂

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