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Learn Thai – Time (2)

Learn the time in the Thai Language

How to Tell the Time in the Thai Language

Hi everybody,

How are you getting on with telling day time from my last blog? I hope you are doing great:)

Now let’s continue to the night time. We will start counting from 1 – 5 again and we use the word “tûm” for telling time at night between 7 – 11 p.m.

For example:

7 p.m.    =    1 tûm = nùng tûm

9 p.m.   =  3 tûm = sǎam tûm

10 p.m. =   4 tûm = sìi tûm

and it’s time for Cinderella to return back home, she heard the first stroke of midnight!

It is “tîang-kuun“.

Please note that we don’t really say ‘hòk tûm for 12p.m.

For 1-5 a.m. we have the word “dtii

1 a.m. = dtii nùng

2 a.m. = dtii sǒrng

5 a.m. = dtii hâa

Please notice that when using “dtii” we put it at the beginning then follow by number 1-5, not like “tûm that the number comes first then put tûm at the end.

It is 9 p.m.   =  3 tûm  = sǎam tûm

It is 3 a.m.   = dtii 3     = dtii sǎam

Hooray! now you have got to tell the Thai time all 24-hour clock. Before I let you guy go through it over again, let me ask “What time is it?”

gìi moong léaw ? or

gìi tûm léaw? (at night only)

As always enjoy!

Thai Language Teacher