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Thai Grammar

Learn Thai Grammar: Yesterday, Today or Tomrrow

Time in Thai Today Yesterday or Tomorrow

Expressions of Time, Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow

Hello everyone,

Since we talked about the words of time in my last blog. I would like to continue a little bit more 🙂

Today                        = Wan-níi

Yesterday               =  Mûa-waan níi

Tomorrow              =  Prûng- níi

Let’s see how we form tenses with these words.

I will go to see a movie tomorrow.

chán jà (will) bpai duu (watch, see)  nǎng (movie) Prûng- níi

Yesterday I was unwell.

Mûa-waan níi Pǒm(I for male speaker) mâi sà-baai

What day is today?

Wan-níi wan à-rai

The Thai language is not difficult. Keep practising everyone:)

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As always enjoy!

Thai Language Teacher