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Thai Culture

Learn Thai| Thai Superstitions

Learn Thai| Thai SuperstitionsThai-superstitions

The superstition is a part of  Thai culture. It is like a strategy of Thais how to teach the children DO and DON’T do something. There are many things about supernatural, ghost, spirit, etc… to scare the children.

We need to analyze the true meanings which are hiding in them.

These are some interesting Thai superstitions, let’s take a look and find the real objective of them together.

1. Do not sing in the kitchen or while you are cooking because you will marry an old man.

— Actually, they want you to concentrate on what you are cooking otherwise it will get burnt.

Thai Sweeping Superstition

2. Do not sweep at night time because you will have bad luck.

— In the past, they used only an oil lamp as the light, it was difficult to see at night. So if you sweep at night, you may sweep something valuable things away.

3. Do not ride a dog while it is raining because you will be hit by lightning.

—Actually, they are worried if the dog will bite the children and they will get wet from the rain.

baby superstitions

4. Do not eat while lying down because you will become a snake in the next life.

—It might make you suffocate when you lie down and eat at the same time.

5. Do not sleep near the threshold of the house because you will see the ghost.

—When you sleep next to the door, it is difficult for others to get in or get out.

6. Do not admire a newly birth child because the ghost will take that child away.

— It is Thai belief maybe not to make the child’s parents and the child to be overconfident.


Hope these superstitions will help you understand Thai people and Thai culture more!


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