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Thai Food

Thai Food | Nam Dtok Muu | น้ำตกหมู

Nam Dtok Muu | Delicious Thai food, Isaan food, VocabularyThai Food from Isaan

Hello everyone.
Do you fancy Thai Food? I really do! I like Thai food because it has a unique taste. Today I would like to recommend one famous  Thai-Isaan dish for you which is น้ำตกหมู /nám-dtòk-mǔu/
น้ำตกหมู /nám-dtòk-mǔu/ is made of grilled pork with Thai herb and ingredients such as chilli, shallots,  roasted rice powder, kaffir lime leaves,  parsley and some seasoning. You can have  น้ำตกหมู /nám-dtòk-mǔu/ with fresh vegetable and sticky rice. Oooh, mouthwatering!
Remember: This dish can be very hot and spicy. If you cannot eat very spicy food, don’t forget to tell the seller that ไม่เผ็ด /mâi pèt/ which means “not spicy” or you need to prepare many bottles of water! 🙂
Enjoy Thai food!


grilled pork = หมูย่าง /mǔu-yâang/
herb = สมุนไพร /sa-mǔn-prai/
chili = พริก /prík/
shallot = หอมแดง /hɔ̌ɔm-dɛɛng/
roasted rice powder = ข้าวคั่ว /kâao-kûa/
kaffir lime leaves = ใบมะกรูด /bai-má-grùut/
parsley = ผักชีฝรั่ง /pàk-chii-fà-ràng/
sticky rice = ข้าวเหนียว /kâao-nǐaw/

I hope you have learnt something new and that you have enjoyed this Thai lesson.

By Jang
Thai Language Teacher