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Learn Thai | Teacher’s Day (วันครู)

Teacher’s Day – วันครู (wan-kruu)

วันครู (Wan Kruu) : Teacher's Day  มกราคม : January

On the 17th of November, 2010, the Education Minister Mr. Chinnaworn Boonyakiat, revealed that the Ministry of Education is to organize a special “Teacher’s Day 2011”. The event will take place in January. This is in order to celebrate the 84th Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. With this in this regard, the Ministry of Education will present His Majesty the King as “Teacher of the Land”.                              Thai language lessonwe help you to learn Thai

Moreover, the Ministry of Education plans to conduct lots of activities to commemorate and exalt all teachers, both past and present. It is hoped that this event will enhance cooperation and lead to a better understanding amongst educational professionals and Thai people in general. The event also aims to develop education and Thai society, as well as helping to maintain Thai tradition and culture and to inculcate teachers, students and citizens to realize the important role a teacher plays and to pay a debt of gratitude to them.

In closing the Ministry of Education reported that on January 16th, 2011, they will proclaim a strategic policy on the teacher’s quality, which is included in the 6 months-6 qualities policy and is a part of the second decade of the national education reform.

Thailand has a good tradition, parents teach their children to respect and worship those who have benefactors. Teachers, parents, grandparents, and adult relatives should be paid homage in order to have good things and prosperity to children’s lives. In Thai society, it is praised that the teacher has the same kindness as their parents. If the parents are benefactors who give them lives, teachers do not differ from our parents. They created the subjects to bring students the knowledge to their careers and to be a good person in society.

The flower of the Teacher’s Day is “orchid flower” with the idea of the orchid is a flowerThai Teacher Day Orchid that takes a long time to flower. It needs to be taken care of from the planter. Teachers must cultivate good knowledge for their students. It is not easy and comfortable work. It is a task that requires a lot of responsibility, care,  time, patience and kindness.

Vocabulary (kam-sàp)

Education Minister = รัฐมนตรีว่าการกระทรวงศึกษาธิการ (rát-tá-mon-dtrii-wâa-gaan-grà-suang-sìk-sǎa-tí-gaan)

Teacher’s Day = วันครู (wan-kruu)

Teacher of the Land = ครูของแผ่นดิน (kruu-kɔ̌ɔng-pɛ̀ɛn-din)

Education = การศึกษา (gaan-sìk-sǎa)

Culture = วัฒนธรรม (wát-tá-ná-tam)

Teacher = ครู (kruu)

Student = นักเรียน (nák-rian)

Tradition = ประเพณี (bprà-pee-nii)

Respect = เคารพ (kao-róp)

Worship =บูชา (buu-chaa)

Orchid flower  = ดอกกล้วยไม้ (dɔ̀ɔk glûai-máai)

To take care = ดูแล (duu-lɛɛ)

Knowledge = ความรู้ (kwaam-rúu)

Benefactor = ผู้มีพระคุณ (pûu-mii prá-kun)

Responsibility = ความรับผิดชอบ (kwaam-ráp-pìt-chɔ̂ɔp)

By Prae

Thai Language Teacher