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Learn Thai | Conversation with a Taxi driver

Learn Taxi Thai hereHow to give directions to a taxi driver

Hi everyone,

Are you the one who always use the service of Bangkok taxi and sometimes you can’t communicate with the driver and are overcharged?

You don’t have to worry about that anymore because now we are going to learn some important conversation that you can use with the taxi driver:)

Telling the destination

bpai ….location….

**please do not forget to finish the sentence with  (for female speaker) or kráp

For example : you would like to go to Asoke

Taxi driver                     : bpai nǎi kráp? (sometimes they don’t ask you any question, they just wait for you to tell the destination)

You (male speaker)    : bpai Asoke kráp.

You (female speaker): bpai Asoke

Use the meter 

Now if the taxi driver just names the price ( I have to accept that it often happen to tourists) you can ask them to use the meter.

In English you say : Could you please …(do something)…? 

In Thai language, to form a kindly request we say : chûai…..(verb)….dûai

So you would like to ask the driver to use the meter.

Could you please use the mitor?

You (male speaker)    :chûai chái mitor dûai kráp.

You (female speaker): chûai chái mitor dûai 

then ready and happy to go!

*please mark that it is nice and polite  to finish the sentence with kráp/kâ.

 Stop here 

Right now you are at the destination and you would like to out of the taxi.

in English you would say “please stop here” , but in Thai we say “please park here”.

park = jͻ̀ͻt

here = tîi-nîi

Could you please park here?

You (male speaker)    :chûai jͻ̀ͻt tîi-nîi dûai kráp.

You (female speaker): chûai jͻ̀ͻt tîi-nîi dûai 

 How ask how much

It’s time to pay the price. Do you remember how to say “how much?” in Thai?

How much = tâo-rài?

and then say “thank you” which is kòp-kun” kráp/


So you may pay 100 Baht instead of paying 500 🙂

How to talk to a Taxi Driver in Thailand


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