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How to use the Thai Particle Word ná |นะ

Thai Grammar Particle Words Thai Particle Word | ná | Speak Thai

Sàwàt dii kâ.

In this blog, I will talk about the Thai Particle Word นะ / ná.  Ná is a particle word commonly used at the end of the sentence in several different ways. I hope this short Thai lesson will help you understand how this is used so you can better understand Thai conversation and can try this yourself.

How to use ná

1. It is used to make the statement softer and gentler, especially if the statement is a command.


มานี่นะ / maa nîi ná / Come here!

อย่านะ / yàa ná / Don’t  do it or Please don’t

2. It is used with other verbs to imply that the speaker is persuading, suggesting or asking for agreement.


ไปด้วยกันนะ / bpai dûay gan ná / Let’s go together.

คนนั้นสวยนะ/ kon nán sŭay ná / That person is beautiful, isn’t she?

3. It is used with a question when asking someone to repeat what they said.


อะไรนะ / à rai ná / What? Pardon, What did you say?

ที่ไหนนะ/ tîi năi ná /Where? Where was that again?

I now hope you can now use the particle word,  ná. Please give us feedback below. Now go and practice :-).

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See you next lesson.

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