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Learn Thai Slang | เหวี่ยง wìang | Show Disapproval or Annoyance

How to describeLearn Thai slang | เหวี่ยง | Show Disapproval or Annoyance

Disapproval or Annoyance

in Thai Slang

Hi everyone.

In this online Thai lesson, we will learn a little Thai slang. The Thai slang for today is เหวี่ยง /wìang.

The direct meaning of the word เหวี่ยง /wìang/ is “to cast” or “to hurl” but we use เหวี่ยง /wìang as slang to describe your body language or your words to show your disapproval of something or you are angry at someone. This could be a disproving face, noise like a tut or a sigh or some such thing or it could be a comment made to describe disapproval. Here is an example.

อย่าเพิ่งพูดอะไรนะ เขากำลังเหวี่ยง /yàa pә̂әng pûut à-rai ná. káo gam-lang wìang/
Don’t say anything yet. She is furious now.

ผมทำอะไรให้คุณ ทำไมคุณต้องเหวี่ยงผมด้วย /pǒm tam à-rai hâi kun? tam-mai kun dtɔ̂ɔng wìang pǒm dûay?/
What did I do to you that is so bad? Why are you upset with me?

What about you? คุณเคยเหวี่ยงไหม? /kun kәәi wìang mái?/

For more extreme anger or even a tantrum have a look here for the Thai Slang  วีน wiin | Tantrum

Hope you enjoy learning Thai slang!

You can practice with your Thai friends! Have fun!

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