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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai | Seasons “nâa or réu-duu”

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How to talk about the Seasons in ThailandPractice Vocabulary about Seasons

Hello Everyone,

There are three seasons in Thailand all of which are hot!

The word ‘Season in Thai is nâa or réu-duu

The formal Thai word for the season is “réu-duu”, but “nâa“ is more commonly used in speech.

nâa /réu-duu  rɔ́ɔn(หน้าร้อน/ฤดูร้อน)         = hot season (March to  June )

nâa/réu-duu fǒn(หน้าฝน)                             = rainy season (July to October )

nâa/réu-duu  nǎao(หน้าหนาว                      = cold season (November to February )

Here are some question words to help practice seasons.

For example:

A:Kun chɔ̀ɔp nâa/réu-duu à-rai kâ?คุณชอบหน้า/ฤดูอะไรค่ะ? What season do you like?

B:pǒm chɔ̀ɔp nâa nǎao/réu-duu nǎao kráp. ผมชอบหน้าหนาว/ฤดูหนาวครับ.I like cold season.

A:dtɔɔn-níi tîi  bprà-teet Thai nâa à-rai kâ?ตอนนี้ที่ประเทศไทยหน้าอะไรค่ะ?

What season in Thailand now?

B:dtɔɔn-níi tîi bprà-teet Thai nâa fǒn kráp.ตอนนี้ประเทศไทยหน้าฝนครับ. Now in Thailand is the rainy season.

Remember to bring an umbrella to Thailand. Even if it is not raining it will shelter you from the sun. You will also see many Thai’s using umbrellas and hats in the sun to try and stay cool and avoid their skin getting brown!

Hope everyone enjoys practicing the Thai language with Thai Language Hut.

Thai Language Teacher

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