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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Vocabulary | Question word “Which?” | ไหน

How to say the ThaiWhich in Thai Language

Question Word


If you want to start asking Thai’s questions in the Thai language then you will need to know how to say and use these words. Today we look at the question word which.

Which? questions are formed using the pattern Verb + (Noun) + Classifier + ไหน /nǎi/ Which? :

เอาอันไหน /ao an nǎi/

(Which one do you want?)

–      เอาอันนี้ /ao an-níi/ (I want this one.)

–      เอาอันนั้น /ao an-nán/ (I want that one.)

–      เอาอันโน้น /ao an-nóon/ (I want that one(further away).

คืนนี้คุณจะใส่ชุดไหน /kʉʉn-níi kun jà sài chút nǎi/

(Which dress are you going to wear tonight?)

–      ชุดกระโปรงสีแดง /chút grà-bproong sǐi dɛɛng/ (I will wear the red dress.)

–      ชุดสูทสีดำ /chút sùut sǐi dam/ (I will wear the black suit.)

คุณจะเลือกทางไหน /kun jà lʉ̂ak taang nǎi/

(Which way will you choose?)

–      ทางนี้ /taang níi/ (This way.)

–      ทางนั้น /taang nán/ (That way.)

–      ทางโน้น /taang noon/ (That way (further away).)

So now you know how to say Which in the Thai language, you should also check other Thai question words how, what, why, where and who also.  We have over 450 Thai lessons on this site and 250 video Thai lessons on our YouTube channel. You are welcome to check these out. Please comment or like our videos – we really appreciate your support.

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Look forward to seeing you next time.

By Prae
Thai Language Teacher