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With Who | กับใคร gàp krai? Thai Question

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Who Thai Question word

How to say, With Who in Thai?

Hi everyone in this lesson we will learn about the question with whom? In the Thai language this is – gàp krai | กับใคร?

Sooner or later when arranging to meet people, meetings, events etc you will need to ask who else will be going to or attended this will help you.

How to ask:

Sub/Verb/  object  +  กับใคร / gàp krai ? =  With who/ with whom?



Kun bpai duu nǎng gàp krai ?

Who did you go to see a movie with?
2.จอห์นไปประเทศญี่ปุ่นกับใคร ?

John bpai bprà-têet yîI bpùn gàp krai

John went to Japan with whom? Who did John go to Japan with?

I hope you enjoyed my short bite-sized Thai lesson with who? 🙂 You can now use this Thai question phrase.

By Tik
Thai Language Teacher