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Thai Grammar

Learn Thai | Possessive Pronouns

Thai Pronouns | Thai GrammarThai Pronouns

Some common Thai Possessive Pronouns to help you address people and yourself correctly using correct Thai Grammar.

Using the correct pronoun in a conversation describes the possessive relationship between the subject and the object ie His book, your pencil, their car pronouns describe the who part of the sentence.  This grammar point is important in any language including Thai …who did what why when where and how!

Standard Thai Pronouns

I, me (male speaker) =      pǒm

I, me (female speaker) =      chán

You =      kun

He, She, him, her =      káo

We, us =      rao

They, them =      pûak-káo

It =      man

Thai Possessive Pronouns

 Use the word  “kɔ̆ɔng” + Pronoun / Noun

My, mine =      kɔ̆ɔng pǒm, kɔ̆ɔng chán

Your =      kɔ̆ɔng kun

His, Her =      kɔ̆ɔng káo

Our =      kɔ̆ɔng rao

Their =      kɔ̆ɔng pûak-káo

It’s (it is)  =      kɔ̆ɔng man

Go practice na 🙂

By Prae
Thai Language Teacher