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Thai Grammar

Learn Thai Grammar | Location Preposition | “ข้าง kâang”

How to use theThai Grammar | Preposition

Thai Grammar

Preposition of


“ข้าง  kâang”

Hello everyone

Today we shall learn some basic Thai Grammar. You will need this preposition to help you describe where things or yourself are located. Let’s start:

Thai Grammar ข้าง /kâang/ + Preposition

The following prepositions can all be prefixed by ข้าง /kâang. In English we often use the word ‘side’ to describe a location ie inside, outside etc – think of kâang like this as follows:

  • ใน /nai/        = in (side)
  • นอก /nͻ̂ͻk/  = out (side of)
  • บน /bon/     = on, (on top of; upstairs)
  • ล่าง /lâang/ = below (underneath; downstairs)
  • หน้า /nâa/    = in front (of)
  • หลัง /lǎng/   = behind
  • ข้าง /kâang/ = by the side of

However, when a noun or noun phrase follows the preposition, ข้าง /kâang/ is usually dropped:

  • มันอยู่ในรถ /man yùu nai rót/     = It is in the car.
  • เขาอยู่หลังบ้าน /káo yùu lǎng bâan/     = She is behind the house.

But if no noun follows the preposition, ข้าง /kâang/ cannot be dropped:

  • ผมอยู่ข้างนอก /pǒm yùu kâang nͻ̂ͻk/     = I am outside.
  • เขาอยู่ข้างบน /káo yùu kâang bon/     = He is upstairs.

I hope this helps 🙂

Go and practice.

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Look forward to seeing you in my next lesson.

By Prae
Thai Language Teacher