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Thai Phrases for the Coffee Shop

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Thai Coffee Shop Phrases -Learn Thai

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Hi everyone,

Do you like coffee or chocolate? I like chocolate better but I know a lot of you like coffee more and some of you like both.

Today, we will learn some Thai phrases and Thai vocabulary about drinks and sweets at the coffee shop. Going to the coffee shop with friends or just watching the world go by is a favorite thing to do for people of all nationalities including Thais.

Let’s check out some phrases!


Thai Phrase and Vocabulary

กาแฟ /gaa-fɛɛ/= coffee

โกโก้ /goo-gôo/ = cocoa

ชา /chaa/ = tea

เย็น /yen/= cold, cool

ร้อน /rɔ́ɔn/ = hot

เค้ก /kéek/ = cake

น้ำตาล /nám-dtaan/= sugar

หวาน /wǎan/ = sweet (taste)

ครีม /kriim/ = cream

นม /nom/ = milk

คุกกี้ /kúk-gîi/ = cookie

ขอ… /kɔ̌ɔ…/ = I want…, I would like to have… , May I have…?

เอา…. /ao/ = I want…, I would like to have… , May I have…?

ใส่… /sài/ = add, put in, wear



ขอกาแฟลาเต้ร้อน หวานน้อย กับเค้กช็อกโกแลต

/kɔ̌ɔ gaa-fɛɛ laa-dtêe rɔ́ɔn, wǎan nɔ́ɔi, gàp kéek chɔ́k-goo-lɛ́t/

= I would like to have hot latte coffee, little sweet and chocolate cake.

เอาโกโก้เย็น ใส่นมแต่ไม่ใส่น้ำตาล

/ao gôo-goo yen, sài nom dtɛ̀ɛ mâi sài nám-dtaan/

= I would like to have iced cocoa (iced chocolate)


Let’s go to the coffee shop together today!


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Hope you enjoyed this short Thai lesson.

See you next time!


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