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Learn Thai: Particle “นะ” /ná/

Thai Particle Na – How to Sound like a Thai

Today I would like to teach you about the Thai particle word, นะ /ná/.

When you speak to Thais, you will hear this word many times. This is used orally and not in written Thai. This is not formal language and as such, it is never written unless as quoted speech. Normally นะ /ná/ is an emotional expression particle. It is the most common particle word Thai people use in many different situations. Now we will check out which in situations we can use this Thai particle!

1. To use ná in a question

* Question word + ná   =  the speaker want you to repeat what you said againThai language with us  - Thai Particle Na

Ex. อะไรนะ /à-rai ná/ = What did you say, again? Pardon?

ที่ไหนนะ /tîi nǎi ná/  =  Where is it, again?

เมื่อไหร่นะ /mûa-rài ná/ = When is it, again?

ใครนะ /krai ná/  = Who, again?


A: ฉันจะไปเชียงใหม่พรุ่งนี้ /chán jà bpai Chiang-mài prûng-níi/ = I will go to Chiangmai tomorrow.

B: คุณจะไปที่ไหนนะ /kun jà bpai tîi nǎi ná/ = Where will you go, again?

A: เชียงใหม่ค่ะ /Chiang-mài kâ/ = Chiangmai.

2. To use ná to ask for an agreement


A: อันนี้น่ารักนะ /an-níi nâa-rák ná/= This one is cute, huh?

B: ใช่ /châi/ = Yes!

3. To use ná Thai Particle for emphasis

When you want to inform or confirm something, you can add นะ /ná/ at the end of a sentence to add emphasise


A: อย่าลืมทำการบ้านภาษาไทยนะคะ /yàa luum tam gaan-bâan paa-sǎa thai ná ká/ = Don’t forget to do Thai homework!

B: ครับ /kráp/ = Yes.

Hope this helps! Now you can speak to Thai people using the ná Thai Particle the same way they speak to you!

Thai Language Teacher