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Learn Speak Thai | Of Course | Mood Particle ไง /ngai/

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How to say Of Course,Thai Phrases Of Course

It’s Obvious in the Thai Language

Hi everyone,

Today we will learn about the mood particle word is “ไง/ngai/”

Often used as a response to a statement or question to show that the respondent thinks the answer is self-evident:

A: เขาไม่ยอมฆ่ามัน/káo mâi yככm kâa man/ He wouldn’t kill it.

B: ก็เป็นบาปไงล่ะ/gכ̂כ bpen bàap ngai lâ/ Well, it’s sinful, of course.

A: กระเป๋าตังค์ของฉันหายไปไหน/grà-bpǎo-dtang kכ̌כng chán hǎai bpai nǎi/ Where’s my wallet disappeared to?

B: นี่ไง อยู่ตรงนี้เอง/nîi ngai yùu dtrong níi eeng/ Here it is. Right here.

It is also used in the Thai equivalent of ‘here you are’, used when giving something to someone:

นี่ไงล่ะครับ,ค่ะ/nîi ngai lâ kráp,kâ/ Here you are!

Hope you enjoy learning Thai with us:)

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